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Design Team:


Gary Cameron is a professional aeronautical engineer and a dinghy helmsman having sailed International and Olympic class yachts for more than 25 years.  As a kid Gary’s nickname was “Track Suit” which was shortened to TS, hence the design name TS-2.

Gary has raced the TS-2 since 1994 with many credible results including 6th at the World Championship in NZ '97, 4th position at the 1999 World Championship in Malta and a 3rd position at the 2001Worlds Championships in Croatia.


Other members of our team were brothers Peter and Cors De Lange.


Peter who can be credited with the first TS-2 that was a real “goer” is a jack of all trades and has spent many years racing dingies and building boats of all sizes.  Peter built the first TS-2 out of strip planked Queensland Red Cedar.  It looked beautiful but didn’t enjoy sinking every time it was hit.


His brother Cors is unfortunately no longer with us but Cors played a big part in developing the sail designs that I still make up until the present day.  Cors was a strong competitor and is missed by us all.


Any of you that have sailed at the World Championships would know of Simon Kellett.  Simon has been a main stay of the TS-2 in our back yard and on the world scene.  Simon’s good nature and good sportsman ship has been appreciated and enjoyed by many around the world.  Simon has been a strong supportive member of our development team over the years and is a pleasure to race against.


And myself, Craig Smith.  I have been a boat builder since 1975 and have built and raced many different types of yachts.  Over my career I have been involved with a multitude of different work situations but I enjoy the challenge and life style that the One Metre offers in all aspects from the competition and camaraderie to the design, sail-making and fine work that this size of boat offers.


That was our original design team.  I have included this page as a reminder to anyone else out there that you only need to get a few people working together to create something that will change the way we all do things forever.  Go for it!



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