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Order Form: Please complete the below form to receive a final price on all items selected. Click "Submit Quote" at the bottom of the page when complete. A confirmed total price and a estimated delivery date will be returned ASAP. You may prefer to use our automatic 'excel' spreadsheet which can be downloaded below. Just fill in the required fields then email it back to me.


Prices in Australian Dollars

Complete TS-2

Complete Boat (Painted two colours and ready to sail. The boat comes with 280D Guyatt winch unless otherwise specified, 6v Ni Cad battery pack and all the options that appear below except the ones so marked. Please note that Radio gear including Transmitter, Receiver and Rudder servo are not supplied)

Complete boat ready to sail with no.1 rig only. ex factory (no radio gear) 3070.00
Complete boat ready to sail with no.1&2 rigs. ex factory (no radio gear) 3620.00
Complete boat ready to sail with no.1,2&3 rigs. ex factory (no radio gear) 4160.00
Boat only as per information sheet found on the "TS-2 Info" section.   TS-2 INFO SHEET.pdf 1690.00
Paint boat one colour.   Colour:  210.00
Paint boat two colours.       Hull:  Deck: 240.00

*Two pack Polyurethane is available in most of the basic colours and shades. No Metallic or Fluro colours available

TS-2 Options
(A) Supply deck gear kit (2 x sheaves. 5 x eye bolts) 45.00
(B) Fit deck gear etc. (sheaves, eyebolts, jib fairleads) 50.00
(C) Fit and glue mast step and bow bumper in place after boat has been painted 20.00
(Options A, B & C) Deck fittings supplied and fitted, bow bumper and mast step glued in place and jib fairleads installed. 115.00
Winch - Guyatt 280D   Atlas Whirlwind. Futaba. 255.00
Fit winch and set up main drive lines 30.00
Nicad battery pack for boat 7.2 Volt 1000mA. (waterproofed with wiring and plugs fitted) - Not standard with complete boat 50.00
Nicad battery pack for boat 6 Volt 1000mA. (waterproofed with wiring and plugs fitted) 45.00
Water proof switch, wiring, and plugs supplied and fitted to boat 30.00
Spare set of silver plated battery plugs for your charger or existing battery pack 5.00
No.1 set of sails  

No.2 set of sails 190.00
No.3 set of sails 180.00
Luff Ties (for round mast)  Lugs  (for groovy track mast) Mainsail Jackstay (for round mast)  

Numbers and Class Insignia stencilled in with permanent pen ready for you to fill in


International letters stencilled in (AUS, NZL, USA)


Numbers and Class Insignia stencilled and filled in with permanent pen


International letters stencilled and filled in



Boat packed in boxed delivered to the Post Office. Including special cardboard box $65.00 (Not optional)   

INSURANCE International. Please select if  you require insurance for the total replacement cost. Insured for AUD $1900.00 (Basic boat kit including pack and post).  ($44.00.  Add $2.00 to the insurance cost for every extra $100.00 or part there of.

INSURANCE Within Australia. Please select if  you require insurance for the total replacement cost.  ($14.00 for the first $1000.00 insured and $1.00 for every extra $100.00 insured or part there of.)



UK and Europe (Economy air allow 3-5 weeks delivery, Airmail allow 7-10 days). 120.00 155.00
USA and Canada " " 103.00 123.00
Japan " " 72.00   92.00
New Zealand (Economy air allow 2 weeks delivery, Airmail allow 6 days) 62.00   72.00
Post and pack on sails    
International Airmail. ($25.00 One set of sails) + $5.00 per extra set.     
New Zealand Airmail ($15.00 One set of sails) + $4.00 per extra set    

Express post within Australia.  ( $10.00 One set of sails)  $3.00 per extra set.




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