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About the construction:


All components are laminated in or over moulds using Vantico’s LC 3600 epoxy resin, and are post cured at around 40C.


The Hull is laid up using three layers of 105gm crows foot weave fibreglass cloth and one extra layer of 105gm crows foot weave cloth in the main load area of the hull, from the keel up to the side stay attachment area.


The Deck is laid up using one layer of 105gm crows foot weave fibreglass cloth and one layer of 185gm crows foot weave cloth.  It comes with the winch box fitted and a plywood floor for the winch to mount on. The winch box hatch and aft deck hatch are also supplied.

The hull and deck are joined and there are backing pieces to take the backstay, sidestays, mainsheet turning sheeve and jib attachment points.


The Keel which now comes standard as the 6% parallel keel, is laid up using uni-directional carbon fibre running down the keel as well as woven carbon fibre at 45degrees. It is filled with lightweight epoxy filler.


The Rudder which also now comes standard as the 6% cord to thickness rudder, is laid up using uni-directional carbon fibre and is also filled with epoxy filler.  A 4mm stainless steel shaft is fitted and the steering arm is aligned and fitted to the shaft.


The Keel case and rudder tube are fitted and glued in with the boat in a jig to ensure correct alignment.


The Keel bulb which has 6% Antimony in the lead for added stiffness, is also fitted and glued to the keel using the same jig.


A Silicon Rubber bow bumper is supplied, and is to be glued on using “Selleys Kitchen and Bathroom Sealant” (Silicone rubber) after the boat is painted.


All components are finished with a high quality two pack epoxy primer, ready to take your own finish. The boat can be finish coated by me on request. (See price list).


The boat also includes:

  • Aft pop-top hatch fitted, with battery cup and servo mount installed.  Attachment screws supplied with servo mount.

  • Mast step kit. (Includes step and four mast-plugs).

  • Fitting holes drilled and tapped as per my own layout.

  • Mast ram at deck level, rudder tube and mainsheet post fitted.

  • Push-rod exit-tube (including small boot seal) and winch line entry sheeve box at bulkhead fitted.

  • Push rod kit. Includes: Stainless steel push-rod with threaded terminal end fitted, nylon quick link and 5/32” steering arm.

                                                (Deck fittings (eyebolts and sheaves) are not supplied as standard).


And to help you put everything in the correct place, I supply a very comprehensive sixteen-page rigging guide. It shows the complete layout of the deck and rigs with all of the associated measurements. It also includes six pages of text to explain the rigging of the boat and also a fittings purchase guide.


Downloadable Information Sheets - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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