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When considering sails there is a choice of different materials available.

Please specify what you would prefer at time of ordering.


Number One Sails.   AUD $200


Mainsail:  This can be made from 64 um (micron) (.00252") polyester film or 50um (.002") polyester film.  In the past I used the 64um as the standard.


I now use 50um polyester film as the standard. The 50um material is more supple and de-powers better in the gusts, it is actually quite a different material than the 64um.  It is also impervious to solvents, so if you are like me and use permanent maker for your numbers then mistakes are not a problem. The original 64um drafting film doesn't like solvent.

The mast section you intend on using is an important consideration, Groovy or Round Section?   If round section, luff rings or jack stay?

Please remember to let me know at time of ordering which you intend on using


Headsail:  I use as standard 50um polyester film, or if you prefer a lighter material, then 36um is available.  I have found that the life span of the 36um film is quite short and it creases and dints very easily.  Orcon is no longer available.


The 50um is a lot easier to look after and goes up the wind range with out a problem.  The 36um is a little more sensitive in light air but gets a quite messy at the top of the number one wind range.


Number Two Sails  AUD $190


I now use 75um polyester film as the standard.  I have tried many different materials for this set, however I am now convinced that 75um is the best weight.


If you would prefer I can also use 50um polyester film, or a mixture of the two.  It has been my experience that the 50um tends to be a little light for the job even on the headsail.  I personally use the 75um for both main and jib.


The 75um is the same style of polyester film that the standard number one sails are made from.


Number Three Sails   AUD $180


The standard material I now use is also the 75um polyester film for main and jib


Reinforcement Patches


The choices of colour for the reinforcement patches are black, blue, red, green, yellow, fluro pink, fluro green and fluro orange.  Please specify at time of order.


Numbers, Class Insignia and International Letters


Numbers and Class Insignia stencilled in with permanent pen ready for you to fill in AUD $10.

International letters stencilled in AUD $4

Numbers and Class Insignia stencilled and filled in with permanent pen $20

International letters stencilled and filled in AUD $10

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