DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 4th July 2024

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20240704

Another picture-perfect day on Iron Cove, possibly the best mid-winter day for sailing so far this season.

A medium and consistent breeze meant everyone opted for C sails and stayed with their first choices. Eight of us took advantage of these conditions, although it was nearly seven when I realised, I had left my receiver at home. Fortunately, Noel had a spare receiver and transmitter and stepped into the breech once again. Other newer sailors were also the recipients of help from the more experienced Graham Brown and Phil Stevenson. Starting out on this adventure is a tricky and to be helped so willingly is wonderful and very much appreciated.

The course was set on the northern side of the pontoon and with only eight of us we could use the pontoon and ramp to sail from, no-one blocking other people’s vision. It also meant that glare on the water was not a problem making sailing and controlling the boat very pleasant. It does help when you can see your boat!

Handicap racing meant that when you started on the handicap you were given, there was a chance to do well. As always, the trick was to get a good start. The course was re-laid to be a little shorter and to take note of the slight right-hand wind shift after the first few races. This meant that finishes became tighter at the end of the day.

Packing away the duck which was used today for course laying with almost no rescues had many pitching in to help, although we missed Judy’s guidance in lining up the duck for its path into the shed.

Next week, 11th July 2024, will be scratch racing, and it always helps Brian if he knows who is coming along before the day.