DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 6th June 2024


Nine DAC Sailors endured a cold, wet and miserable day by the water yesterday.

There was heavy rain just before we arrived which reduced to spitting showers during our racing. The wind was light from the SouthWest at 3 up to 11 Km/Hr., (2 to 6 knots).

The temperature struggled to reach 14oC. “A” sails were it for the day. One courageous Sailor tried a “B” for a race but failed miserably, and I came last.

The course set was a short one and placed right in front of the Deck. This kept us fairly dry for the racing although a trip down to the pontoon called for a towel off afterwards.

All that said, we enjoyed a very good day’s racing. The final results were close and the friendly banter was well spread. It was well worth the effort we made for the day.

Geoff Lucas came home strongly, (with a very wet sail), wining the last two races to become Champion of the day. The light conditions eased at the end with the last race being a drifter, Geoff won this by a leg and scored 28 points. Lew Verdon started with a moderate handicap but with a win in race 2 and consistently high placings, scored 30 points and second place. Paula Reilly enjoyed a favourable handicap to start with, but with 3 firsts stretching out her start times she still managed to score well. Paula scored 31 points and led myself and Robin Tickner in countbacks to take third position. Everyone scored a win or place during the day with very close scores right down the page.

Race winners were Geoff Lucas 2, Lew Verdon 1, Paula Reilly 3, Brian Chapman 1, Robin Tickner 1, Graham Brown 1 and Narelle Derwent 1.

Geoff Lucas took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 28 points.

Lew Verdon finished in 2nd place on 30 points.

Paula Reilly finished in 3rd place with 31 points by a multiple countback.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 13th June for a Scratch Event.