DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 16th May 2024

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20240516

We went out on a very promising morning to set the course with a gentle breeze from the north west – it was approximating the forecast … we should have known better.  And, wouldn’t you know it, as soon as one or two boats went on the water, the wind died to zero, and the water glassed out.

Hmmm… delayed start to the “racing”.  By this time we had a number of boats on the water, and most were slowly heading backwards towards the Iron Cove Bridge driven by the tide. But hang on… the tide was coming in.

We found out that even though the water was glassy, there were some very gentle puffs just above the water from the opposite direction that would move the boats; so we started a race in that direction.  Practice race out of the way.  Phil Hetherington cleaned that one up together with Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner.

Graham changed the course around to suit the new “wind” direction, and we tried to get our programme of races started.  We were able to put together four races in the afternoon, so it was very slow going.  I had my sail set so loose that if any real wind came up I would never get out of irons.  It was a matter of feeling for every little bit of wind.

I must have had an “on” day as I was able to win the day with Phil Stevenson and Graham Brown in second and third places. 

Brendan Hones made a very welcome return to sailing in fourth place.  We also welcomed Tom Dwan and Jonathon Stone to our ranks… we look forward to seeing you actively participating in our future sailing.

Next week will be a Scratch Race event.  We are the eternal optimists hoping for a really good breeze from anywhere but the south.

See you next week.