DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 20th June 2024


Sixteen DAC Sailors enjoyed a perfect Winter’s day yesterday.

It was dry, sunny and after a cold start, the temperature reached 16oC.

The breeze however began with a couple of knots from the West and settled to a drifter.

The race time limits came into play and we finished our last race, no. 4, with positions on the water.

Our weather station recorded 1 to 4 Km/Hr over the sailing, (1 to 3 Knots).

Drifting races can have a degree of luck during each race but the results always show those who excel.

It was a good size fleet and the lead and all positions rotated through each race.

Graham Brown and Phil Stevenson managed this the best with Graham winning 2 and a second, Phil winning 1 and 2 placings. They came first and second. Martin Thearle completed the top 3 with a win and a place, scoring 9 points for third place overall.

Placings stayed in the top half of the boats, “A” sails can be tricky at the best of times but yesterday’s drifter was a great test for us all.         

Race winners were Graham Brown 2, Phil Stevenson 1 and Martin Thearle 1.

Graham Brown took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 4 points.

Phil Stevenson in 2nd place on 6 points.

Martin Thearle finished in 3rd place with 9 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 27th June for a Scratch Event.