Membership Renewals – 2024/2025 Year

Well, it is that time again – Membership renewals, YAY!!!!!

Same process will be used this year starting in the next week (10 June 2024). Club contacts listed on the NSWRYA website will receive a “list” of current memberships from the 23/24 year. Simple ask is to only “add” or “remove” rows from that list and return it by reply email. Once the list is returned then it will be processed into the TidyHQ system and an “invoice” will be returned asking for the deposit of fees to the NSWRYA bank account. That deposit will be reconciled against the number of members supplied and if correct there’ll be a receipt issued. Pretty straight forward I hope.

As always there is a few people that are members of multiple clubs, and that is great for them and our sport. BUT, those people only need to pay the NSWRYA/ARYA fees “once” and it their responsibility to advise the clubs they are members of where they are paying the fees through. If those individuals pay the additional fee through each club they are members of then their “donation” the the NSWRYA will be gratefully accepted!

NSWRYA and ARYA fees remain the same as the previous year at $15 / member.

If there are any questions, please email:

Best Regards,