2022 NSW International Marblehead State Championship

2022 NSW International Marblehead State Championship

The forecast in Sydney was for a southerly to arrive Thursday before racing and hang around until Monday.

With no weed around, high low tides and low high tides, it was another reason to be excited about the racing. That meant we were in for a real treat for racing the last M event for the year.

NSWRYA kindly moved this event from October to accommodate the Nationals in Perth. This meant numbers were a little low which turned out to be correct. Those who didn’t attend, certainly missed out on probably the best sailing at KB ever!!!

Owen Jarvis our OOD got us underway at 10 a.m. sharp. The tempo of racing was constant, but as you’d expect, attrition sometimes comes into play, forcing a few to retire hurt by way of the conditions and or wind strength!

By the end of the day, most were in their smallest rigs, with nature giving us almost the ideal conditions for the Marblehead.

At the end of day 1, the usual suspects including Scott Condie, David Mitchell & Andrew Reid led the way with Mark Newman and Paul Jones not too far behind.

It was felt that after the tough day sailing, a visit to the Taren Point Bowling club was needed to ease the pain. Someone told me once never mix drinks. Possibly why the author was dusty Sunday morning. Beer, Canadian Club, Red Wine and Bourbon will do it.

Day 2’s forecast eventuated on cue. O.O.D for the day, Neil Webb got us underway in a nice 15 knots blowing straight down the shoreline

From C2 to C3, and again onto everyone’s smallest rig after lunch. A slight rainsquall delay saw us miss out on getting the much wanted 32 races, but I’m sure everyone was happy with getting 29 races away!

The scores certainly didn’t reflect the closeness of the racing. One bad tack, a missed shift and 3 boats would pass you. That simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A big thank you to KBSC, KBRYC, NSWRYA and the volunteers who assisted. P.R.O.’s Owen Jarvis, Neil Webb. Scoring was Wayne Keavy.  Peter Zecchin, Laurie Hinchcliffe and Burke Melia on the boat. Terry, Ian, Allen.

You gave up your weekend for us and I know everyone who sailed is grateful

Merry Xmas to all…… And don’t mix your drinks!