NSWRYA A Class GP4 Results & Report – 19 Aug 2023

IRYC A Class GP4 230819

The IRYC held the NSWRYA A Class GP4 on 19 August 2023. 

The conditions were perfect for sailing at the start of racing, with a  fleet of nine hitting the water with the majority having their big rigs on. The racing was close with some tight tussles and the wind stayed a constant direction which meant that the course didn’t have to be changed allowing a continuous flow of races.

As the day progressed the wind showed signs that it might increase – after lunch it did, forcing the fleet to downsize their rigs. Unfortunately, after only one more race the wind really upped the ante, becoming constantly twenty five plus knots gusting to thirty five plus, causing the PRO to call an end to the proceedings for the safety of not only the boats but also the rescue crew.

Congratulations go to the Podium Winners and all their fellow sailors for a successful day.

1st       Brian Dill
2nd      Barry Grant
3rd       Peter Anderson

My thanks to my support team in David Moll as Scorer, John Ricklemen our Registrar and an Observer,  and Lester Pearson who assisted with the setting of the course and collection of buoys.