10 Rater fleet racing

10 Rater

The Ten Rater is a medium-sized yacht with a reputation for speed. This development class is restricted by a simple ...
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International A class RC yacht

A Class

The A Class is the largest and most graceful of the R/C yacht classes. The class is based on a ...
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Dragon Force 65 DF65 RC yacht

Dragon Force 65 (DF65)

The Dragonforce 65 is the newest addition to range of sanctioned classes after being sanctioned in 2018. It is 65cm, ...
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DragonFlite 95 DF95 RC yacht

DragonFlite 95 (DF95)

A larger version, the DragonFlite 95 was sanctioned in 2019. It is 95cm and weighs around 2.0 kg. After rigorous ...
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East Coast 12 Meter EC12 RC yacht

East Coast 12 Meter (EC12)

The East Coast 12 Meter is based on a 1962-63 vintage design for a full-size International 12 Meter. This medium-sized ...
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International One Metre IOM RC yacht

International One Metre (IOM)

Sanctioned in 1998. The International One Metre (IOM) is the fastest growing class in the world. The rules in this ...
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International Marblehead RC yacht


The Marblehead is a medium-sized yacht providing exciting performance and the ability to handle most sailing conditions if rigged properly. ...
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RC Laser sailing downwind

RC Laser

The RC Laser at just over 1 metre long is a quarter-scale model of the renowned Laser dinghy. A strict ...
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Soling One Meter RC yacht

Soling One Meter

Sanctioned in 1993. The Soling One Meter is based on the full-size Olympic Soling. One Manufacturer. This small-sized yacht is ...
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