10 Rater

The Ten Rater is a medium-sized yacht with a reputation for speed. This development class is restricted by a simple formula of waterline length multiplied by sail area, multiplied by eight, to equal ten or less. As there are few restrictions, the class allows the greatest freedom for development and experimentation.

Approx. 50-65" long.

10 Rater fleet racing

Lastest 10 Rater News & Results...

Brad Quiggin

Close of 2023 Message from NSWRYA President

Hello Fellow RC Sailors, As I continue to get my feet under the Presidents desk for the NSWRYA I'd like ...
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220911-10R ACT Championships 2022 winners

ACT ‘10 Rater’ State Title – 10-11 Sept 2022

Winner Scott Condie (middle) with second placed David Mitchell (left) and third-placed Steve Sedgmen (right) The 2022 ACT state 10r ...
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KBRYC Ian Hayden 18 Jun 2022

KBRYC Ian Hayden Trophy 19 June 2022

The 2022 Ian Hayden 10 Rater Trophy On Sunday 19th of June 2022, the Ian Hayden 10R Trophy was held ...
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