International One Metre (IOM)

Sanctioned in 1998. The International One Metre (IOM) is the fastest growing class in the world. The rules in this class are identical to those used throughout the globe. The class has a one-design rig and weight minimums, but the hull design is very much developmental.

International One Metre IOM RC yacht

Lastest IOM News & Results...

NSWRYA IOMGP2 2024 Podium

IOM GP2 Susan McAnna Memorial Trophy

20 IOMs came out to sail in the GP2 regatta for 2024. This regatta is also named in memory of Susan McAnna who was taken from the world far to young! Susan's contribution to NSW RC Sailing cannot be understated ...
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IOM Eastcoast Challenge 2024

Eastcoast IOM Championship – Rnd1 Feb 2024

Round one of the inaugural IOM East coast championship got underway on the 3rd February with competitors traveling from as far afield as Illawarra in NSW to Gladstone in Qld’s north. The event was hosted by Lake Macquarie radio yacht ...
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IOM East Coast Challenge - 2024 - Gordon Maguire & Greg Torpy

IOM East Coast Challenge – 2024 – Gordon Maguire & Greg Torpy

Mother nature gave us some time on Sunday morning of the East Coast Challenge at Grahamstown Dam. Paul Morrish found the chance to have a quick sit down with Gordon and Greg and get them to tell us a bit ...
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IOM East Coast Challenge - 2024 - Gordon Maguire & Greg Torpy

New New New News – East Coast IOM Championship

Indeed, New regatta, New venue (ish), New Year!!!! New New New News ......... Tough crowd 😉 The first of two rounds of the inaugural East Coast IOM Championship is being hosted by the Lake Macquarie Radio Yacht Club @ Grahamstown ...
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Brad Quiggin

Close of 2023 Message from NSWRYA President

Hello Fellow RC Sailors, As I continue to get my feet under the Presidents desk for the NSWRYA I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the year that was and look a little into the future for 2024.First ...
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NSWRYA 2023 IRYC IOM Invitational Report

On Saturday 16th December 2023 the Illawarra Radio Yacht Club (IRYC) hosted their 2nd Annual IOMInvitational Regatta which is an event focused more on the social aspects, rather than what can be the highly competitive side, of RC sailing and ...
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