DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 1st February 2024


Twelve DAC Sailors came along for our Handicap sailing yesterday.

The forecast was pretty close to the mark.

The temperature reached 31oC near 2 pm. We started with a light Nor’Wester which firmed to our much preferred Nor’Easter for the last two races.

Sails choice was an “A” to start, with a mix of “B” ’s and “C” ’s up to the last two races.

The racing was tricky. Quite often, being a Handicap day, it wasn’t easy to get away at your allotted time. At one stage, we all crossed the start line within 10 seconds of each other. The back markers were delighted!

Phil Stevenson who normally suffers greatly on Handicap days, rose to yet another challenge. Phil sailed through the Fleet with every scoring race at 6 or better. An equal score of 20 points with a win and two places gave him a second place after a countback for the day’s sailing. Another high finish was for Martin Thearle. Two firsts gave Martin 26 points and all high finishes secured third place. Brendan Hones has returned after a break and he quickly resumed his successful scoring with a win and 3 places and all finishes in the front group. Brendan scored 20 points to take first place for the day after a countback.

There was a gentle spread of points right down the page. Everyone scored  there, and congratulations to Paula Reilly for her first win at DAC in Race 2.

Race winners were Brendan Hones 1, Phil Stevenson 1, Martin Thearle 2, Robin Tickner 1, Philip Hetherington 1 and Paula Reilly 1.

Brendan Hones finished in 1st place with 20 points settled by a countback.

Phil Stevenson finished in 2nd place on 20 points.

Martin Thearle finished in 3rd place on 26 points.

The Club Championship now has Robin Tickner in front from Judy Evans and Stephen Deane.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 8th February for a Scratch Event.