DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 11th January 2024


Another Southerly, another dry day!

Can’t complain though and neither did the twelve DAC Sailors who came along for our Scratch racing day.

The temperature reached 29oC and it was very humid. The wind swung through the Southeast to the South and ranged from 8 through to 32 Km/Hr, (5 to 17 Knots).

Setting a course was a challenge as the Clubhouse shading comes into play. Initially we started on the West side with a change to the East for most races and then back to the West for the end. A rapidly falling tide caught quite a few of us but with great assistance from everyone, we completed our planned ten races in good time.

We chose ”B” sails with “C” ’s coming out for the second half.

There were quite a few doldrum areas on each course. We were all affected so we made the most of it.

The starts were difficult to judge. The starboard end was OK if you could make the gun on time and the port end could give you one tack to the mark.

This was mastered by Stephen Deane. A mix of starts gave Stephen various places by the first mark, but he chose the right paths from then on and won the day. Four firsts and a second place scored the win with 21 points. The only other contender was Bruce Paterson. Bruce scored 2 firsts and with all his finishes at 6 or better, came home with a comfortable score of 24 points and second place. Rob Lowndes completed the top three positions with a couple of second places and again all finishes well in the top half. Rob came third with a score of 35 points and led the following field where the scores were well bunched together.

Places went well done the page, suggesting a close and competitive day’s sailing.

Martin Thearle got of to a great start with a win in race 2 but winch aberrations ended his day on the water. Martin kindly offered to score for us. This was not an easy task as the finish line was offset and many close finishes were the order of the day.

Thank you Martin.

Race winners were Stephen Deane 4, Bruce Paterson 3, Philip Hetherington 1, Peter Close 1 and Martin Thearle 1.

Stephen Deane took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 21 points.

Bruce Paterson finished in 2nd place on 24 points.

Rob Lowndes finished in 3rd place with 35 points.

The Club Championship now has Stephen Deane in front from Judy Evans and Rob Lowndes.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 18th January for a Scratch Event.