DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 13th April 2023


We had another high turnout for yesterday’s sailing. Eighteen DAC Sailors came along for what turned out to be a busy day on the water.

The early forecast was for continuing showers but an update on the morning, indicated dry weather.

The actual weather was a Southerly around 19 gusting to the high thirties Km/Hr., (10 up to 20 Knots). Clearing skies gave us a temperature of 22oC.

“C” sails were the choice for the day.

The Course was set to the West of the Clubhouse and a high tide gave us a closer in setting than normal. The wind was erratic throughout the day and choosing the most efficient path to the top mark saw many places changing. The main test of the day was avoiding a nose-dive whilst attempting to round the bottom marks. This actually decided several races.

Graham Brown once again excelled. So many times after a very busy start line, Graham was seen to be streaking ahead of the bunch to be up front at the first mark. He was often challenged with quite a few different Sailors keeping pace with him. Six firsts sealed his result with a clear win on 10 points. Noel McPherson was the main contender for top honours. Two wins and all his finishes in the top group gave Noel a very comfortable second place. To complete the top three, Brendan Hones also had all his scores at 7 or better. In fact his average placings were around 4ish.

The remaining 2 wins were well earned by Bruce Hilliard and Karen Paterson. The strength of our Fleet continues with wins and or places going right down the page.

Race winners were Graham Brown 6, Noel McPherson 2, Bruce Hilliard  1 and Karen Paterson 1.

Graham Brown took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 10 points.

Noel McPherson finished in 2nd place on 29.5 points.

Brendan Hones finished in 3rd place also with 38 points.

The Club Championship now has Noel McPherson in front from Graham Brown and Philip Hetherington.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 20th April for a Scratch  Event.