DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 14th July 2022

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20220714

Eleven sailors turned up to do battle on a rather cold day, with what is becoming normal for us at this time of the year.  Winds initially from the south west, then swinging to the west and back to the south through the day.

It looks like it was a bit lively at times during the day. 

C and D sails were used in the first three races, then things settled down a little and everyone came back to their C’s.  The breeze was fluctuating from around 5 k’s to gusts in the 20k’s, so the downwind legs were lively with broaches and unavoidable collisions.  It was good to see the penalties incurred were done, with the racing continuing.

Bruce Hilliard had some battery connection problems, but that got sorted, and he continued to have a good day.

Graham Brown continues to dominate our racing, with Phil Stevenson close behind; but then we start to string out fairly quickly.  Peter Close had an up and down day – a bit unusual for him, and Stephen Deane was in close contention to keep him honest.

The next group of sailors had a good battle for their places, with 10 points separating the next 6 places, including a tie for 6th place.  There were a number of good placings within this group to show what they are capable of.

Barry McCarthy scored a 6th and an 8th place to show potential for the future.

So, Graham Brown 1st, Phil Stevenson 2nd and Peter Close 3rd.  Good sailing!