DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 14th March 2024

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20240314

Thirteen DAC Sailors came along for our Scratch racing day today.

The forecast was accurate with a temperature reaching 34oC and a bit, before being tempered by a moderate Southerly change. This dropped it to the high twenties about half way through.

The wind started at 3, reaching 17 Km/Hr by the end of racing. There were gusts up to 33 for the last race, (2 to 9 knots, gusting to 17).

Most sails had a go, “A” ’s all round at the start became “B” ‘s and mostly “C” ‘s at the finish. Some “B” ‘s completed the last few races and scored well.

The wind direction was the biggest challenge during the day. I feel our Club wind indicator must have had hot bearings as it swung continually to read the current direction.

Phil Stevenson was the clear winner scoring 17 points. Two wins and two places was a great effort on a difficult day. There were quite a few challengers, Phil was up to the task. Robin Tickner came home a comfortable second with 22 points. All consistent high finishes included three seconds to secure Robin’s spot on the podium. Graham Brown locked in third place with 2 wins and a place. One or two uncharacteristic finishes back in the field still gave Graham 26 points to complete the top three places.

Noel McPherson led the following Fleet. Two second places completed his day. Although the scoreboard said fourth, Noel was well in the mix and he had some great tactical battles with the front runners. Richard Thorpe and Rob Lowndes tied first for Race 3. Philip Hetherington and Barry McCarthy each won a race.

I suffered electrical issues but was happy to score and to enjoy the battles on the water, the best view in the house.

Race winners were Phil Stevenson 2, Graham Brown 2, Philip Hetherington 1, Richard Thorpe and Rob Lowndes a Tie and Barry McCarthy 1.

Phil Stevenson took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 17 points.

Robin Tickner finished in 2nd place on 22 points.

Graham Brown finished in 3rd place with 26 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Judy Evans and Phil Stevenson.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 21st March for a Scratch  Event.