DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 15th February 2024

We ended up with nine DAC Sailors who accepted the forecast for yesterday’s sailing. The morning showers cleared before race time and we enjoyed a dry day with a gentle South to South East breeze.

We set several courses over the day with the last being to the West of the Deck. Thanks to Phil Stevenson and Graham Brown who’s efforts in the tender were met by significant wind changes as they each set a course and returned to the pontoon.

The shifting wind which ranged from 7 to 20 Km/Hr, (4 to 11 Knots) called for “A” sails which were all we used.

Phil Stevenson won the day’s sailing with a very successful reading of the wind patterns and of course, fine sailing. Phil started well and finished weller! Graham Brown had yet another good day with a win and all finishing scores at 4 or better. Graham scored 19 points and second place. Bruce Paterson finished a close third on 20 points, 2 wins and 2 places nicely completing his day.

The sailing was tricky, but all managed some good sailing and nice results. Wins and places were well spread, going right down the scoresheet.

Race winners were Phil Stevenson 3, Graham Brown 1, Bruce Paterson 2, Judy Evans 1,  Lew Verdon 1 and Karen Paterson 1.

Phil Stevenson took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 12 points.

Graham Brown finished in 2nd place on 19 points.

Bruce Paterson finished in 3rd place with 20 points.

The Club Championship now has Robin Tickner and Judy Evans sharing the lead with Graham Brown, third.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 22nd February for a Scratch Event.