DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 17th Nov 2022

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20221117

Fourteen Sailors came along for a sail today.

We were all well tested with a Southerly breeze which had quite a few swings to the Southeast. The wind speed ranged from 13 to 39 Km/Hr, (7-21 Knots).

The previous line says it all. “B” sails for the light patches and “D” ‘s for the gusts. Dare I say we all persevered with our “C” sails and battled accordingly.

We set a Course on the West side and a rising tide gave us smooth waters. The testing part was then to seek some wind, but not too much.

Graham Brown had a very good day with six wins and a second place, his Race Officer duty scored a 1.4. Graham had to drop a second and third place to earn a very convincing win for the day. Always a front-runner, Phil Stevenson finished with a win and five seconds to take second place. Robin Tickner came a comfortable third with his two wins and a brace of places. Such consistent racing by these top three Gents demonstrates their mastery of the conditions. They each had all wins and places with only a fourth sneaking in. They were well clear of the field.  Bruce Paterson returned to the fold after a break and scored a second in Race 5. All of Bruce‘s finishes were in the top group and again, consistent sailing always features well on the scoresheet. Ian Spencer is always hovering around the forward section and with Geoff Lucas and Brendan Hones, they formed another group with few points between them. Noel McPherson started the day with a win and once again seemed to be on track for better things. Noel assisted with some hardware issues on other boats, but his own mainsheet separated towards the end. This resembled a fisherman’s nightmare with tangles everywhere. I’m sure all will be well for next week.

Race winners were Graham Brown 6, Phil Stevenson 1, Robin Tickner 2 and Noel McPherson 1.

Graham Brown took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 9.4 points.

Phil Stevenson finished in 2nd place on 16.4 points.

Robin Tickner finished in 3rd place with 19.1 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Phil Stevenson and Peter Close.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 24th November for a Scratch Event.