DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 18th January 2024


Twelve DAC Sailors came along for our Scratch racing today.

It was a warm and dry (no rain) but humid day. We had asked for a Nor’Easter and it appeared for the last two races.

We sailed to the forecast Southerly and mostly chose “C” sails at the start with “B” ’s dominating later on.

We again completed 10 races by 3pm, right on target, so thank you to all Sailors.

Thanks also to Judy Evans who offered to score for us.

Our Champion for the day was Robin Tickner. Robin’s sea legs were well tested as one of his thongs penetrated the Deck (currently being replaced). The thong was recovered as it proceeded seaward. Anyway Robin had a much better day on the water with 3 first places and 2 seconds giving him a winning score of 23 points. Noel McPherson continually challenged Robin for the win. Although Noel won 4 races and a second giving him a score of 25 points, a second place overall was well earned. Coming home in third place was Karen Paterson. With all finishes at 6 or better, including 5 places, this gave Karen a good reward for a well sailed day, and third place with 27 points.

Many Sailors sailed to a high standard with very competitive tacking duels and very tight roundings of several marks. First (Martin Thearle 2, and Rob Lowndes 1) and many places went well down the page.

Race winners were Robin Tickner 3, Noel McPherson 4, Martin Thearle 2 and Rob Lowndes 1.

Robin Tickner took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 23 points.

Noel McPherson finished in 2nd place on 25 points.

Karen Paterson finished in 3rd place with 27 points.

The Club Championship now has Stephen Deane in front from Rob Lowndes and Noel McPherson.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 25th January for a Scratch Event.