DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 27th Oct 2022

Fourteen DAC Sailors came along for a sail yesterday.

The wind was mostly from the Northwest and fluctuated from 9 to 27 Km/Hr, (5-14 Knots).

A heavy squall hit as we began our practice Race. There was moderate rain and the wind gusted to 47 Km/Hr, 25 Knots.

The Fleet was clobbered fairly heavily with myself wearing the only “C” sail, crossing the line ahead of Peter Close with his “B”. How Peter managed at all was a marvellous effort, we were the only finishers.

Now to the Races which count!

We were all back to “B” ‘s once the squall passed. We lost some time earlier and with a few rescues, settled for 9 Races. This gave us a fair result for the day’s sailing.

Graham Brown dominated with 5 wins. Graham didn’t win a lot of starts, but with many neck and neck tussles during the race, he always came out ahead. Five 1sts tells the story. Robin Tickner was the main challenger. After Race 6, Robin was leading by a fair margin but the gap closed. Their scores were equal on 17 points at the end with Graham winning on a countback, Robin placing second. Geoff Lucas had a very good day. Geoff had 5 places and his lowest was a 6th. This was the most consistent sailing for the Fleet and gave Geoff third place. The top six Sailors were well clear, with Terry Hey and Phil Stevenson having a win each and Peter Close taking a second and third place. The group following weren’t separated by that many points. Lauri Watson had a 3rd and 2 4ths , Judy Evans some high finishes and Rob Lowndes grabbed a second place in Race 6. Steve Crewes had a well earned 4th and Barry McCarthy a third in Race 9.

Race winners were Graham Brown 5, Robin Tickner 2, Terry Hey 1 and Phil Stevenson 1.

Graham Brown took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 17 points.

Robin Tickner finished in 2nd place on 17 points.

Geoff Lucas finished in 3rd place with 22 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner now moving into third place.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 3rd November for a Handicap Event.