DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 9th November 2023


Yesterday was one for the heavy weather experts.

Fifteen Sailors came along for a challenging day on the water.

The forecast was accurate with the wind from the ENE in the 20’s with gusts to 39 Km/Hr, (12 to 22 Knots).

We started with “B” sails and had a quick progression to “C” ‘s and then “D” ‘s by the finish, (for most).

The skies were threatening . It was forecast to be dry during sailing and it was, just!

It looked as though we’d enjoy a late Spring Nor’Easter with “C” sails, but they became more difficult to manage after Race 6.

Noel McPherson had no trouble with his “C” sail and stayed with it to the end. Noel, who is the master of downwind sailing in a breeze put on a great display to win 5 races and take second place in the other four. Noel dropped 2 seconds to score 9 points and win the day. Graham Brown again sailed well with a win in Race 1 and all places. Graham scored 18 points to come home in a comfortable second place. Brendan Hones has returned to good form and had all his finishes in the front group. Brendan had two places to score 33 points and earn third place on the day to lead the rest of the field.

The points scored from position 3 and down weren’t far apart. Rob Lowndes, Stephen Deane (a win), Peter Close, Philip Hetherington (2 wins) and Robin Tickner all had places or better.

We managed 9 races and were able to haves our boats packed and the tender hosed down and stored, as the first drops of rain started.

Our thanks to Karen Paterson who suffered servo problems early and offered to be Race Officer.

Race winners were Noel McPherson 5, Graham Brown 1, Stephen Deane 1 and Philip Hetherington 2.

Noel McPherson took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 9 points.

Graham Brown finished in 2nd place on 18 points.

Brendan Hones finished in 3rd place with 33 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Noel McPherson and Phil Stevenson.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 16th November for a Scratch Event.