2023 Membership Renewal

Hello Fellow Sailors,

Another year has flown by and it’s everybody’s favourite time of the year again – It’s Membership renewal time!!!!

As determined at our recent NSWRYA GM, fees this year will be $15 per member – $10 will be retained by NSWRYA to fund our operations supporting our sport in NSW and $5 is passed on to ARYA. All current club memberships with NSWRYA expire on 30 June 2023, with 23/24 membership renewal due by 30 July 2023. Clubs that have not returned their membership and transferred funds by 30 July 2023 will become unfinancial and Insurance cover provided by our parent ARYA will lapse.

We have completed the full migration of NSWRYA membership management to utilise the TidyHQ online platform and that is now our system of record. We ran a trial with 4 clubs throughout the 22/23 year where they were provided direct access to the system to enable them to add new members to their club directly to that system, and the results of that trial were really good. Going forward ALL NSWRYA affiliate clubs secretaries will be able to access this system to add new members once the initial load has been completed. Hopefully easier for all and means that I dont become a blocker to new member registration if I miss an email. Note at this time we are not able to accept payments via the TidyHQ system and will continue to use direct transfers to the NSWRYA bank account please. Brown paper bags of cash unfortunately can no longer be accepted.

Club contacts listed on the NSWRYA website will receive a data export for their clubs 22/23 membership shortly after 30 June 2023 via email with a request to check and add to / remove from that list and return to the NSWRYA treasurer to be loaded into TidyHQ for a 23/24 Membership to be made active for the individual members – once funds have been transferred to the NSWRYA bank account. Easy Peasy, more info will be contained in the email.

I’d like to raise with everyone the topic of multiple club memberships as it has caused some confusion in the past. Putting it very directly, individuals that are members of multiple NSWRYA affiliated clubs are only required to include the NSWRYA/ARYA component ONCE. The responsibility of which club those fees are paid via is up to those individuals, so please discuss with clubs to make clear if NSWRYA/ARYA dues have already been paid via a different club. The TidyHQ system can accommodate individuals that have multiple memberships, but NSWRYA WILL NOT be managing that for individuals.



Treasurer NSWRYA