DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 1st Dec 2022

Not a bad day yesterday. Temperature in the low 20’s, overcast with an Easterly at around 8 Km/Hr with gusts to 27, (5-14 Knots).

Twelve DAC Sailors came along to sail our Handicap Event.

Sail choices were mostly “B” with a couple of ”C” ‘s appearing towards the end of play.

Our Handicaps are based on past performances with a possible adjustment beforehand. It all ends up fair in the long run. You then have to sail well to score well.

The range of Race winners and placegetters went right down the scoresheet, we all had our moments of glory. Only 17 points from 1st to 10th indicates the closeness of the competition.

Phil Stevenson really shone yesterday. To earn a win and 3 second places from a Handicap of 85 seconds is a feat in itself. Phil’s increasing Handicap has now blown out to 135 seconds for next time. On equal points for the day, Rob Lowndes returned from a break to also score a win and 4 thirds. From a Handicap of 65 seconds, now out to 105, Rob had all his finishes in the top group, a countback placing him in second place for the day. Never out of the picture, Graham Brown, initially on 80 seconds Handicap cleverly found the good wind bits and manoeuvred regularly through the Fleet to earn third place by a point. Barry McCarthy, who is a relative newcomer to RC sailing, sailed consistently well all day, his win in Race 4 gave him fourth place on a countback from yours truly. Judy Evans won the last Race and with mostly high finishes also had a great day on the water. Richard Thorpe has settled well into RC sailing. After just a few weeks into our sport, Richard scored 2 wins,  just a few low spots towards the end still left him with a fair score for the day. Race winners were everywhere yesterday. Apart from the fore mentioned, Geoff Lucas, Ian Spencer, Lauri Watson and Peter Close all reached the top step of the Podium to celebrate their wins.

Race winners were Phil Stevenson 1, Rob Lowndes 1, Barry McCarthy 1, Judy Evans 1, Richard Thorpe 2, Geoff Lucas 1, Ian Spencer 1, Lauri Watson 1 and Peter Close 1.

Phil Stevenson took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 31 points.

Rob Lowndes finished in 2nd place on 31 points.

Graham Brown finished in 3rd place with 32 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 8th December for a Scratch  Event.