DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 1st Sept 2022

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It was the first day of Spring and the first Nor’Easter of the Season.

The day started with an overcast sky at around 18 degs, the developing breeze cleared away the early cloud cover and thirteen DAC Sailors competed in our Handicap Event.

The wind started gently at 9 Km/Hr and steadily reached 18 at the end with some gusts up to 28 Km/Hr, (5 to 10 up to 15 Knots).

All Sails had a go, “A” ‘s through to “C” ‘s with a “D” coming out for the last Race.

Rob Lowndes was the overall winner. Starting with a moderate Handicap of 35 seconds, Rob was consistently up front with all his finishes in the top half. Rob’s win in Race 8 gave him best points, his final Handicap of 65 seconds will give him a challenge next month. Our newer Member, Barry McCarthy was able to celebrate his day on the water with a win in Race 5, his first, and four places. Barry grabbed a well deserved second Place overall. I played bridesmaid with 3 second places, just couldn’t catch the winners yesterday but very happy with my 3rd place result.

Tony Platt had another good day on the water with a win and quite a few high finishes.

Those with the longer Handicaps had a battle as the Fleet generally got away promptly. Unhindered and with clear water ahead the first starters sailed well to hold their leads. Phil Stevenson, Noel McPherson, Graham Brown, Robin Tickner and Peter Close all started up to 90 seconds after the gun but still managed to score some wins and high places. Stephen Deane got off to great start, winning Races 1 and 4. A couple of finishes down the list dulled his final result.

It was another successful Handicap day with only 23 points between first and last. Just 1 finish could change one’s result by several positions.

Race winners were Rob Lowndes 1, Barry McCarthy 1, Tony Platt 1, Terry Hey 2, Stephen Deane 2, Phil Stevenson 1 and Phillip Hetherington 1 and Ian Spencer 1.

Rob Lowndes took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 35 points.

Barry McCarthy finished in 2nd place on 37 points.

Brian Chapman finished in 3rd place with 39 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Phil Stevenson and Peter Close.

Thank you to those who assisted with the scoring and the between race handicapping, in particular, Graham, Noel and Narelle.

And thanks to all as we completed all 10 Races in good time.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 8th September for a Scratch Event.

Brian Chapman #246