DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 2nd Mar 2023

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20230302

It was the first sail day for Autumn, and sixteen DAC Sailors enjoyed a Summer’s day by the water.

The breeze was mostly from the North East at 10 to 16 with the odd gust up to 22 Km/Hr, (6 to 9, gusts to 12 Knots).

With temperatures around 25C, a perfect sailing day was tested by some leafage and twigs generated by the wind and a rising tide. It became a game of chance but all were affected at some stage.

Our Sailors chose “B” sails with the odd “A” or “C coming out during the day.

Our Champ for the day was Martin Thearle. Martin won Race 1 and with 4 places, scored his first win in RC Lasers. Judy Evans came second in a close finish. A first and second place and all high results gave Judy her position ahead of many in a quality field of Sailors. Noel McPherson maintained his high and consistent standard with a win and all finishes at six or better, Noel earned third place by a countback.

Handicap days give everyone an equal chance, based on their Racing prowess. One has to sail at their best to achieve a good finishing position. Martin, Judy, Noel, Brendan Hones and Karen Paterson were all within 3 points at the end of the day. Many others also sailed well. Phil Stevenson from a handicap which had him starting whilst others were up to a lap ahead, still managed a first and third. Bruce Paterson with all his finishes at 7 or better, was never out of contention. Philip Hetherington had 4 places and high finishes. Ian Spencer had a good day on the water, 2 second places were a fine effort. Barry McCarthy and I had some close tacking duels during the day, Barry won the last 2 Races to give him a fine finale. It was great to see Steve Crewes earn a good win in Race 2. Steve has a long and very fine career in RC sailing, and is always a challenge.

Race winners were Martin Thearle 1, Judy Evans 1, Noel McPherson 1, Brendan Hones 1, Karen Paterson 1, Phil Stevenson 1, Barry McCarthy 2 and Steven Crewes 1.

Martin Thearle took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 31 points.

Judy Evans finished in 2nd place on 32 points.

Noel McPherson finished in 3rd place also with 32 points, settled by a countback.

The Club Championship now has Noel McPherson in front from Phil Stevenson and Graham Brown.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 9th March for a Scratch  Event.