DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 3rd August 2023


Fifteen DAC Sailors yesterday, looks like the normal size Fleet these days. This always gives us a good competitive day’s sailing.

We sailed a Handicap Event with an early Spring type day. The temperature was again around 20oC with a light wind which slowly veered towards the North East.

A couple of “A” sails had a go earlier, but a few darker wind shadows soon had us all using “B” ‘s. The DAC weather station recorded 6 to 12 Km/Hr , (3 to 7 Knots), although some gusts seemed stronger.

Lew Verdon had a great day on the water which started with a fortunate handicap. Steadily improving finishes to take 2 wins and 2 second places gave Lew a top score of 22 points and first place. Lew’s handicap was continually adjusted out by 60 seconds but this made him even harder to get near. Judy Evans comfortably won the first race. Minor aberrations spoilt the next two, but in true form, Judy placed in the next four to earn second place overall, scoring 27 points. Narelle Derwent started well with finishes in the front group. Obviously thinking it was time to get going, Narelle then won the last two races giving her a score of 30 points and third place, settled by a countback.

As one would expect on a Handicap day, places went well down the page. The long markers had to work hard to get through the Fleet as the early leaders held on well. A win each to Richard Thorpe and Steve Crewes and places to myself, Stephen Deane, Noel McPherson Peter Close, Martin Thearle and John Porter gave a close spread of points to settle the final positions.

Race winners were Lew Verdon 2, Judy Evans 1, Narelle Derwent 2, Richard Thorpe 1 and Steven Crewes 1.

Lew Verdon took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 22 points.

Judy Evans finished in 2nd place on 27 points.

Narelle Derwent finished in 3rd place with 30 points, settled by a countback.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Noel McPherson and Phil Stevenson.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 10th August for a Scratch Event.