DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 9th Feb 2023


Hopefully, we have all recovered from a day of contrasts.  It was forecast to be a bit different, and that is how it turned out to be.

We started the day early with a workshop on the basics and intricacies of the RC Lasers, mainly for our newer sailors. Graham Brown led us through the techniques of removing and installing the servos, waterproofing the boat and the electricals and rigging the runner for the mainsheet, and Phil Stevenson filled out the discussion with how he sets up his sails. Both of these very knowledgeable sailors did a great job by explaining everything in simple and understandable terms, and I’m sure those who were there gained a lot from being there.

We emerged from the workshop to be greeted by rather threatening conditions. A sort of easterly breeze was what the course was set up for, but there were wild swings occurring; and the course was adjusted a few times.  The tide was full and started to run out, and the water was full of branches, palm fronds and leaves; so anyone who got through the day without being severely impaired at some stage was very lucky.  It is amazing how one leaf in the wrong place can nearly stop you.

We came out for a practice race with C sails, but the breeze died off enough for us to come back to B’s for the first of our sequence of races.  Very sombre overhead, very threatening out to the west.

17 sailors then endured the works – debris in the water, changing winds, knockdowns, dead calm, heavy rain, very heavy rain and thunder storms.  We had to halt sailing at one stage to allow a storm cell to pass, which subsequently dumped on the City in a big way.  After that, the sun came out.  We completed 8 races, which was great under the circumstances.

So, it was that sort of day.  There were a number of sailors who were frustrated by the conditions, but took it in their stride. Graham Brown and Peter Close showed us how to do it, as did a number of our newer sailors who scored high places during the day.

The top place was shared by 7 boats – 18, 65, 87,214, 318, 319, 356.  That is an indication of the difficulties of the day.

Winner for the day was Graham Brown with 16 points
Second was Peter Close on 22 points
Third was Noel McPherson on 27.5 points
Closely followed by Terry Hey, Judy Evans and Phil Stevenson.

It was a credit to all sailors who took part under the conditions.

Our next sailing day will be scratch racing next Thursday 16 February.