LMWRSC DF65 Results Sun 11th June 2023

LMWRSC DF65 230611

The Wangi DF65 fleet raced this morning and while the day was pleasantly sunny, unfortunately the wind was uncooperative. At 10am the breeze started out very light from the SE and fluctuated in strength and direction before swinging to the NNW and then disappearing completely. Only 5 races were completed before racing was abandoned shortly before midday. 

Despite the difficult conditions however, 8 boats competed in some very close racing. In several races the first 6 boats were separated by only a few boat lengths.

Michael Forward blitzed the field with 3 wins and a 2nd in the first 4 races, with his explanation being that he changed some settings. Chris Darby also sailed consistently with one win and 3 2nds.

Predictably Michael won overall with Chris 2nd and Jamie Pirret rounding out the podium positions.

With the breeze nonexistent the DF95 racing was cancelled.

The Wangi DF65 and DF95 fleets will next race on 25 June. Visitors and observers are welcome as always.