DAC Results, Handicap Racing, Thu 2nd June 2022

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20220602

Yesterday was a great start for Winter with mostly sunny skies and temperatures up to 17oC. The wind was a light to moderate Nor’Westerley with speeds ranging from 5 up to 15 Km/Hr (3-8 Knots).

Thirteen Sailors were keen to go and we started the Practice Race on time at 1230.

“B” sails were chosen for the first few Races but a few light patches brought out the “A” ’s for all, soon after.

Later in the day the lowering Sun gave a picture perfect view as the boats neared the windward mark, glistening in the rippled waters.

Once again it was a successful Handicap day. Everyone had good results during the day with all getting a win or place at some stage.

Philip Hetherington had great success with his starting Handicap of 35 secs. He backed his win with a couple of second places and all high finishes. As Philip’s Handicap increased, he still managed a 2nd place towards the end for an overall win. I played the bridesmaid with 4 thirds and just couldn’t crack a win, but very happy with the day coming in second. Peter Close starting with a high Handicap of 70 secs still managed a win and several places. Peter’s start time blew out to 95 secs for next time but I don’t think that will slow him down, Peter came third. Noel McPherson, Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner were the next three places. All started well after the Fleet with Phil on 105 secs. They all sailed consistently well to grab many places between them. Bruce Paterson started the day brilliantly with wins in the first 2 Races and looked as the day would be his, but gear problems came into play. Karen Paterson started in reverse and earned a win and second towards the end. Newer Member Barry McCarthy is settling in well with his new boat and managed to keep the Fleet at bay to take a win in Race 4 and the back that up with a second and some high finishes. David Moont returned after a long break and spent some time at the top end to finish with a third and fourth place. Another Race winner was Lauri Watson who was mostly mid Fleet but sailed for a well earned win in Race 6.

Race winners were Philip Hetherington 1, Peter Close 1, Phil Stevenson 1, Robin Tickner 1, Bruce Paterson 2, Barry McCarthy 1 and Karen Paterson 1 and Lauri Watson 1.

Philip Hetherington took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 25 points.

Brian Chapman finished in 2nd place on 31 points.

Peter Close finished in 3rd place with 35 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Phil Stevenson and Robin Tickner.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 9th June for a Scratch  Event.