DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 20th July 2023


Once again, Winter delivered a very pleasant day for our sailing.

Although the temperature only reached 17oC, the “feel like” seemed quite a bit higher.

The wind was from the North East, ranging from 8 to 14, with some gusts to 23 Km/Hr, (5 to 8 gusts to 12 Knots).

Sail choices varied form “A” ‘s to “B” ‘s. Each was a good choice at some time during the races.

Twenty two DAC Sailors, a new record for the Club, came along to our Scratch Racing day.

We also had 2 or 3 potential new sailors observing, we may need a bigger bay!

Race Officers were required, so thank you to those who volunteered.

A word I often use with our sailing is consistency and that was spot on for Phillip Hetherington yesterday. Philip didn’t quite take a first, but his 3 places and the rest being 4ths and a fifth, gave him a comfortable win on 20 points. Graham Brown took 3 races to hit his straps and then came home with 4 firsts to score 26.5 points. Graham finished in second place. Phil Stevenson with a first and 3 places completed the top three for the day scoring 30.5 points and third place.

The spread of points was minimal right down the scoresheet with many Sailors taking a top three place. Stephen Deane, Bruce Hilliard (a win), Peter Close (a win), Karen Paterson, Barry McCarthy, Noel McPherson and Narelle Derwent each featured at some stage.

On their day, any Sailor can score a high finish. This bodes well for our upcoming NSW Championship on 19th and 20th August, everyone has a good chance.

Race winners were Graham Brown 4, Phil Stevenson 1, Bruce Hilliard 1 and Peter Close 1.

Philip Hetherington took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 20 points.

Graham Brown finished in 2nd place on 26.5 points.

Phil Stevenson finished in 3rd place with 30.5 points.

The Club Championship now has Graham Brown in front from Noel McPherson and Phil Stevenson.

Our next Sail day is Thursday for a Scratch Event.

Photo of Race 3, approaching the start and comfortably won by Phil Stevenson.