DAC Results, Scratch Racing, Thu 23rd June 2022

Dobroyd RC Lasers 20220623

Yesterday, sixteen DAC Sailors enjoyed a fine winter’s day by the water.

The temperature reached 21oC and the wind came essentially from the West, ranging from 8 up to 18 Knots.

B sails were initially used, with a number of C sails showing up in the latter part of the day.

Again, we used Race Officers; and I think they were really needed. We were fortunate to have Stephen Deane and Brendan on hand to keep an eye on everyone. Unfortunately, even with the RO’s there were a few raised voices on the day; and this needs to be avoided. If you want to discuss a clash by all means do so; but take the heat out of it – no-one benefits from that. The thing that comes out of the day is that you do not need the RO to tell you when you need to do a penalty. If you have infringed, do the turn and get on with it. Thanks Stephen and Brendan for offering your services. Next week we will use RO’s by rotation, so please nominate to do the job for a race – it is surprising what you will learn by doing it.

Graham Brown was up to his old tricks, and exceeded last week’s results with 7 1sts and 1 2nd to rather clearly win the day. Phil Stevenson had 2 1sts and a string of 2’s and 3’s to come second overall. Robin Tickner had a string of 2’s and 3’s to come 3rd. Then there was daylight to the rest of us. It was good to see Bruce Hilliard pick up the remaining 1st place. When he gets a bit of reliability with his gear, watch out.

Looking down the results sheet, it is good to see 4’s and 5’s well down the page, and it should be encouraging to you all.

Graham Brown took the honours for the day to win 1st place on 9 points.

Phil Stevenson finished in 2nd place on 19 points.

Robin Tickner finished in 3rd place with 24 points.

I will have to suspend the Club Championship results while Brian is away… I didn’t get a password from him for his HMS program, and couldn’t make the links work for another… them’s the breaks.

Our next Sail day is Thursday 30th June for a Scratch Event. I guess that will be an EOFY SAIL!