NSWRYA 2023 DF65 State Championships

NSWRYA 2023 DF65 State Championships winners

Well the NSWRYA 2023 DF65 State Championships have been run and won under very testing
conditions with the predicted strong winds for the venue over the weekend, which saw a few
withdrawals, eventually arriving for the remaining competitors.

Day 1 started in completely opposite conditions to how it was predicted with the PRO delaying the
start due to the lack of wind but Race 1 eventually got under with all competitors opting for their A+
rigs in a light 2-5 knot breeze from the west but fluctuating a reasonable amount to the north at
times which provided some luck and reasonable gains for some and some losses for others. After a 5
minute break Race 2 got underway in a slightly increasing 5-10 knot breeze from the west with all
competitors still using A+ rigs but by the time the lead competitors got into the second lap the
predicted strong breeze had decided to turn up and were closer to 15-20 knots from the west which
caused a few issues for most and resulted in a couple of DNFs. As the breeze continued to increase
the PRO offered the competitors an opportunity for a rig change before Race 3 which was graciously
accepted with a range of B and C rigs selected. Race 3 was conducted under more testing conditions
with C rigs proving to be the correct selection as the strong breeze made tacking and running
downwind problematic especially for those on B rigs. Race 4 commenced under similar conditions as
Race 3 in 15-20 knots from the west but with increasing gusts to well over 20 knots at times which
wreaked havoc on half the fleet, especially for those without C rigs. After Race 4 the PRO call for
another skippers meetings where a decision was made to postpone racing for the remainder of the
day and start again on Sunday under what was predicted to be slightly better conditions for racing.

Day 2 started similar to how Day 1 ended with the overnight +40 knot gales subsiding to a more
acceptable 15-20 Knot from the west again but unfortunately by the time Race 5 was due to
commence the breeze had increased significantly and the PRO called a skippers meeting to discuss
the way ahead. After a quick meeting of the minds it was decided to commence Race 5 to enable the
event to be declared a series then to assess the conditions and options after that race. So Race 5
commenced in a heavy ~20 knot westerly, with a few floating weed patches transiting the course at
times, with C rigs being the best option but unfortunately for those competitors who lacked C rigs
they continued on B rig which in the end proved too much for the conditions with only 7 competitors
actually completing the race. As previously decided, the PRO convened another skippers meeting
after Race 5 and after a quick confirmation with competitors and officials it was deemed the
conditions were becoming too dangerous to continue so the event was confirmed over after 5 races
with the podium for the NSWRYA 2023 DF65 State Championships being declared as follows:

1st – John Wyatt – SMMC
2nd – Steven Findlay – RSYS
3rd – Warren Norrie – IRYC

The IRYC would like to thank the support provided for the event by the Illawarra Yacht Club (IYC),
ADFRSA, NSWRYA, all registered competitors and the IRYC members (and Margot) that provided
outstanding support to the PRO and competitors during the event. A special thanks to the PRO, Brian
Dill, who conducted the event in trying weather conditions and provided all competitors with a
consultative and friendly atmosphere which contributed immensely to an overall great but short

Well done everyone involved.