NSWRYA IOM State Championship 2023

The scene is set the moods just right …….

And the weather closes in ….. 🤣 🙃

Forecast was a bit damp, previous day had showers coming through and moving on. NE Breeze forecast all day building a bit later in the day. Very high high tide running out through the day.

Great fleet built up for the event! BritPops, V10 – V12, Venti, Sedici, Malteser, K2s, Alioth 3DP, Elipsis, Kantwo & AKA all coming out to play!

Day one Had weigh ins / registration / briefings dealt with swiftly, letting us get under way on time. 30 IOMs to be herded into two fleets for seeding races and then settle to 6 up/6 down enjoying a mid A NE breeze and a little drizzle was how we spent Saturday morning!

Lunch called after 5 Races and Anne had results out quickly so the first races could be digested.  Top 5/6 pattern starting to form here on points,  but it felt a lot closer with some close racing and generally fun times.    Rain cleared a little as the day went on under Phil Page’s direction for another 3.5 races after lunch and day one results at race 8 had the top  5/6 shaping further with a great mix of competitors joining in from interstate mixed in there.

At start of play Day 2 a Shifting westerly had us all hopping and I said online at the time  “but as i type the breeze is swinging more northerly!”,   yeh, nah, nah, yeh, nah.   It went as west as it could possibly be west while still giving a hint of North every now and then.   We got under way on schedule with Colin Court coming in to PRO day 2.   Some challenging wind shifts throughout the day, but skippers meeting determined to press on.   Racing continued then we suddenly had a solid southerly change which caused some to change down to a B rig, some hung on to the A as conditions continued to change.   Holding the A paid off and the front passed over bringing a further shift to the east – challenging conditions.  I think at this point I gotta shout out to Colin, OJ and Scott for keeping things going, pretty big effort, thank you.

All the while on both days the large group of “volunteers” that gave of their time for those sailing to have a great time,  Anne, Ron (The Boatman), Ian, Dave, Neil, Scott, OJ, Steve;   Thank you very much, and thanks to many others that worked on setting up the regatta and in the background for both days to be great.

Final Results :  Greg Torpy, Paul Jones, Andrew Reid congratulations for the regatta results 1,2,3.

SNAPS To all the competitors for keeping it fun and talking so we dont have to yell.

Full results available from ARYA for this ranking event: https://radiosailing.org.au/index.php?arcade=results-test&eventid=3318